Do You Leak Urine With Cough, Sneeze and/or Exercise?

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Has jumping on the trampoline become an issue? Do you leak urine with cough, sneeze, exercise or at orgasm?

Gentlemen, do you leak urine since your radical prostatectomy?

Not so sexy, eh?

Have you been advised to do Kegel exercises and not really sure if you're doing them correctly? Do you forget to do them? Have they actually worked for your leakage of urine? Chances are they have not.

Leaking urine is NEVER Normal. Pads are not the answer. The "Kegel Throne" by BTL Emsella is.

This High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEMĀ®) technology causes deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation and restoration of the neuromuscular control.

Basically, The Kegel Throne does 11,800 Kegel exercises in one sitting. You are fully clothed during treatments. You can read or relax while the Kegel Throne does the work for you!

Just six sessions over three weeks will get you back to your old self and feeling younger again, I might add. There is a 95% patient satisfaction rate.

Leak no more ladies and gentlemen and get back to the bedroom! For information on the Kegel Throne or to book an appointment, please visit:

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