What Men Want

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There are seven things that men want from their boss lady.

1. Men want to be desired. So let him know you are physically attracted to him & compliment him when you can. Let him know you're proud of his accomplishments.

2. Men aren't afraid of honesty & they don't want to feel like they have to change who they are for you. You can't change him so don't even try.

2. Men are linear in their goals & objectives & have no appreciation for drama. Don't come at him broadside especially if it is irrelevant to him.

4. Wrap your arms around him, show a little PDA. Initiate.

Women are linear too & believe that sexual desire comes first. Take a page out of Nike's book, "Just do it!" If you enjoy it, it's called responsive desire. It's a bio-psycho-social model that resonates with today's busy woman.

5. Never let him believe your love is conditional. Remember, he likes his freedom. Don't undermine him or threaten his masculinity.

6. Be authentic & real. Don't fake anything especially the Big O! Let him help you to experience them!

7. Talk to him......in bed. Guide him. Men are totally turned on when a woman verbalizes what she wants, what feels good & when she feels pleasure. Be vulnerable in bed, open up & let go.

You can still be a boss but be yourself & he'll be his.

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