Halfway through Week 1;My Own Biodiet Update

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Update on my own progress halfway through WEEK 1 of the Biodiet, the science based Ketogenic diet. https://www.biodiet.org

Doctor approval -check
Hip/waist Measurements- Check (Ugh)
MCT oil- Check
Ketostix - Check
Multivit - Check
Probiotics - check
Sugar Free candy- on the hunt
Almond Flour (keto pizza) - ( I don't even like pizza but what the heck) Variety is the spice of life, right?

Not exactly a drinker so the "no alcohol thing" isn't an issue. Water consumption increased. Hit the easy button.

What wasn't so easy?

The brownies & M&Ms (especially the green ones LOL ) I have prevailed however! I've managed to cut out all sugar.

Going more healthy fats and plant based, no starches, limited diary etc.

A little tired yesterday. But I did drive for an hour in a snowstorm on the ice rink that had previously been deemed a highway. Then worked a 14 hour day. Plus all my other duties. Understandable?

No headaches, excessive thirst or muscle cramps, common in individuals on ketogenic diets.

I've dropped about 3 lbs which was likely fluid so, NO the love handles are not gone! Yet.

I am still inspired because I always feel better when am eating healthy. And my sweat pants are looser!

Here we chat about it: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/full-show-your-data-biodiet-and-ai/id1179064116?i=1000462322911

My future "Biodet life" is so bright, I have to wear shades!
How are you doing on the Biodiet?

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