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Guys you wouldn't even be here if it weren't for your mother. If you hadn't noticed, she's a woman.

In my clinical practice, I've spoken to far too many women about their experiences with male violence;

Physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, forced sodomy, cyber violence, bullying, childhood sexual abuse, unwanted sexual advances/touching, rape including marital rape, forcible object penetration, uttering threats, stalking, incest and/or female genital mutilation.

They cry, suffer stress, are full of fear, often depressed or riddled with anxiety. Yet, they raise children, work & go about their day pushing down the pain.

Sobering Statistics

1/3 women sexually assaulted.

668 aboriginal women & girls missing.

On any day in Canada, 3,300 women & 3000 children escape domestic violence.

The impact of VAW extends beyond physical consequences to her physical & mental health & has consequences on the family & society at large.

We've recognized it. We've prayed & provided thoughts. Doesn't work.

We need a paradigm shift.

Most men are good. Some aren't.

So hold men accountable. Lock 'em up. Zero tolerance.

And teach your sons well so that they don't kill 14 women going to school.

Always remember. #ÉcolePolytechnique

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