We Need To Talk…About ED

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"I've been hanging around with a guy who has Erectile Dysfunction," she said.

"Why?" I asked my 62 yo patient. She laughed out loud and got it even though she was not getting it.

After I fixed her issues concerning vaginal health and prolapse, I said, "You know I can help your boyfriend with his ED and he should really have that treated." A lot of men are too embarrassed to get help or don't know where to find it.

She told me that he'd had ED for their entire relationship of ten years. hashtag#headshake He must be incredibly charismatic, I thought.

She said, he'd love help but…he had diabetes. There's still help.
He's had prostate surgery. There's still help. He's a little overweight and on lots of medications. There's still help.

Simple. A sexual health history and assessment to ascertain contributing factors. A review of medical conditions, surgeries and current medications. Vital signs. Lifestyle review.

There are so many treatment recommendations for ED from conservative, lifestyle and behavioural management to medications, pumps, pellets and penis rings. So don't give up on getting it up before you even try.

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