My Husband Was A Dick-Tator

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"My husband was a Dicktator," she said. Emphasis on Dick. This after I asked my patient how her ex-husband was doing. He's no longer, she explained. He's dead. Sorry, I said. Don't be. I'm not. He was a control freak!

Control is a big issue in many marriages. Women control their husbands with sex by withholding & imposing fidelity.

People emotionally & financially control their spouses. You're nothing without me. You know nothing about finances.

Patients of mine who are in relationships with people who have addiction of any kind (porn, sex, alcohol, pot, heroin) are often unwittingly under their spell (sexier word for control).

These folks are the CEO's, Managers, Directors of their spouse's life. They're not qualified as their lives are often out of control.

There is a gap between who they present to the world & how they feel about themselves on the inside. The bigger the gap, the bigger the trouble.

The result? Unhappy relationships.

Control freaks, master manipulators, addicts, will make you sick. Depression. Anxiety.

Many don't speak up. Fear. Financial disaster. Being alone. Failure.

Find your voice. It's not possible to have a happy relationship with an addict or a control freak. Both of you deserve help. Happiness is peace of mind. #SpeakUp

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